Apply for Legal Fund

Your application should include the following:
  • Brief cover letter summarizing your case (no more than 2 pages), with a chronological list of events.
  • The type of academic discrimination to which the college or university has subjected you.
  • The name of your attorney(s). Provide attorney’s address, phone number (and/or email address) AND a brief description of the attorney’s prior experience with similar cases.
  • The stage of internal grievance in which you are currently engaged, or the state and /or federal statute and/or university rule under which you are filing a lawsuit (or intend to file).
  • Copies of your petition for internal grievance and college/university response(s), or of your legal complaint and answers if you have filed a lawsuit.
  • Amount of money you have spent so far on legal fees and costs; estimate future expenses.
  • Your full name, address, phone number(s), and email address

Please submit your application (with materials) to andĀ F.A.A.D. Legal Fund Committee members will read your application, decide how to help with your case, and contact you.