NWSA Journal

Women, Tenure and Promotion 19.3, Fall 2007

The Fall 2007 19.3 issue of the NWSA Journal: Women, Tenure, and Promotion explores tenure and promotion issues and was edited by Ines Shaw, Sharon Leder, and Betty J. Harris.
The editors’ “Introduction: Women, Tenure, and Promotion” pp. vii-viii is available through Project MUSE. This introduction is expanded with specific articles: pp.1-6 “Issues Before and Leading to Tenure and First Promotion” by Sharon Leder; “Issues After Tenure” pp. 7-14 by Ines Shaw; “Women’s Future in Higher Education: Directions for Future Research” pp. 15-22 by Betty J. Harris.

Here are a couple of articles available through Project MUSE: NWSA Journal, Volume 19, Number 3, Fall 2007, pp. vii-viii (Article)

Note: The publisher of this journal, The John Hopkins University Press, changed its main title to Feminist Formations (as of 2010). E-ISSN: 1527-1889 Print ISSN: 1040-0656.DOI: 10.1353/nwsa.2007.0039.


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Gender Equality

We would like to announce a texbook about gender equality by Ines Shaw, a F.A.A.D. member. It introduces readers not only to developments in the collective effort to achieve gender equality but also to the issues and underlying reasons for various types of discrimination. The Collective Pursuit of Gender Equality Around the World: An Introduction was published in 2008 by Kendall/Hunt publishing. A website that includes a blog expands the content of the book and students’ discussion beyond the classroom.

"This work is a most welcome and significant addition to the literature. With sensitive treatment of the issues, the author cuts through the profuse tangle that has grown around the topic of gender equality and sheds stereotypical ideas about equality in the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa."

-- Dr. Minoo Derayeh, Prof. of Islam, World Religions and Gender Studies at York University, Canada

"This extraordinary book brings deserved attention to the progress of collective efforts to achieve gender equality while expertly leading readers to evaluate the cost of inequality and develop a cogent vision and an understanding of the benefits of a gender-equal world."

-- Dr. Nivia Valenca, Barros, Prof. of Social Politics and Women's Studies at the Federal Fluminense University, Brazil

Other Readings

Allison Kimmich “Hiring and Promotion Practices Continue to Leave Women Behind” in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, March, 2013

NWSA, Women’s Studies Scholarship:  A Statement by the National Women’s Studies Association Field Leadership Working Group, which includes a chapter “Administrators’ Guide to Tenure and Promotion Reviews in Women’s and Gender Studies” (2013)

“I am fired” Femspec vol. 8, Issue 1/2, 2007 (To see Table of Contents, go to, archives, issue summaries, 2007 vol. 8.1-2.  Then, return to Hompage, click Smashwords in right-hand column, and enter the title of the article you wish to read.)

Batya Weinbaum “How Work Reviews Can Be Read As Colleagues Telling You They Hate You” Women in Judaism, vol. 4, no. 1 (2006)

Batya Weinbaum “Expropriation of the Professoriate.” Special issue on contingency labor force in academic labor.  ADE  Bulletin 53-ADFL Bull. 42.3 of the Modern Language Association (2013).